Seth spoke with Janet Kennedy from Get Social Health podcast to discuss his Huntington’s Disease patient journey. In this episode, he talks about secrets, strengths and recognizing the power of community through the work he has done in the health space.

In this podcast episode with Rare Genomics, Seth shares his decision to get tested for Huntington’s Disease and how he has become an advocate for rare disease patients. He shares his experience dealing with his own positive test results for the disease and his advice for anyone dealing with a new disease diagnosis, especially young people.

Receiving a Rare Disease Diagnosis

Help4HD Live! broadcasts credible information and education to the Huntington’s disease community on a weekly basis. Seth came on the show to share his Huntington’s Disease (HD) journey and how he uses his positive test results as motivation to give back to the community through fundraising, advocacy, and volunteer efforts. He shared how taking control of his HD journey has given him opportunity, fulfillment, and hope.

Help4HD Podcast – Seth Rotberg

Seth joins BeTheTalk host Shane Shultz on episode 75 to discuss his work in the Huntington’s Disease community and passion for bringing his personal experience to working for non-profit organizations.

Navigating Genetic Disease Testing with Seth Rotberg

RARECast is a Global Genes podcast hosted by veteran journalist Daniel Levine. In this episode, Seth tells us about his decision to get tested for Huntington’s Disease at the age of 20 and what led him to become a patient advocate.